Shoe-d-vision Amba

Shoe-d-vision Amba

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“We have had the IMBOX solution in our 200 shops for more than 4 years now and it has become an integrated part of our business.

The positive effect the IMBOX solution has on our sale of aerosols and other shoe care products is one of many most pleasant consequences we experience. The IMBOX solution creates customer attention towards shoe care – benefiting our total business.

Since we installed the IMBOX solution in all our stores we raised the price with 33% per treatment without any negative effect on the ever increasing sale. Customers keep coming back for the IMBOX solution – and at shoe-d-vision we are intending to continue actively use IMBOX as part of our customer service to grow long-term relationships with our customers.”

Peter Skovbakke
shoe-d-vision Amba

Shoe-d-vision Amba is a danish/norwegian cooperative with more than 200 stores.
Shoe-d-vision Ambas mission is to be the most visionary shoe chain in Scandinavia.