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IMBOX has been listening to its customers and, over the next six months, we will be launching a series of films to provide sales staff in the shops with new training options.

The first two films are now ready and available on our website here: “Increase Sales”.

The two films concern:

1.What is IMBOX and How Does it Work?

2.IMBOX and Aerosols

Film 1 features basic IMBOX information, while Film 2 focuses on the additional sales opportunities that selling IMBOX industrial grade shoe protection to customers provides.
A sale means not only direct increased turnover, but also an opportunity to sell spray products in the 45 seconds, during which the customer has to wait for the protective process to complete. We find that by taking advantage of this time, the sale of shoe care products can increase by as much as 50%.


IMBOX will continue its existing training options: for example, training at district, regional and national meetings in subjects such as basic IMBOX, sale of shoe care or goals and follow-up; or train-the-trainer, where we teach the employees who are responsible for the training in customers’ shops how to train the staff.