The IMBOX concept was developed in Denmark in 2011. The system, which is patented in most parts of the world, is revolutionizing the market, for shoe protection.

The IMBOX service is offered in more than 4.500 stores, in 19 countries, selling more than 15 million treatments per year.

The IMBOX concept is marketed by IMBOX ShoeCare A/S

IMBOX environmentally friendly and easy to use

The protection process takes place in a closed box – the IMBOX – in the shop. It is totally harmless for people.
The concept has been approved by the Danish Working Environment Authority and tested by the Danish Technological Institute as well by the german TÜV and Intertek.
Manufacturing takes place in the northern part of Denmark under strict quality assurance protocols.
IMBOX protection is professional and keeps for a long time. Easy and convenient.

IMBOX references

The IMBOX Shoecare portfolio contains chains such as the Deichmann Group, XXL Sport, SHOE-D-Vision, Leder & Schuh AG, Brantano, Salamander, Intersport and many more.