Some of themany benefits

Superior Quality

The IMBOX liquid has been thoroughly tested on its ability to repel all sorts of substances. Its uniquely developed formulation ensures a professional weatherproofing that repels water, salt, oil, grease, dust and much more. The IMBOX liquid achieved the highest rating in efficiency, health and safety by PFI Pirmasens in Germany.

100% Free From Carcinogenics

Liquid used in the IMBOX is 100% FREE from carcinogenic, Nanotechnology and other harmful substances. The IMBOX liquid and the machine are produced in Denmark and approved according to the strict Danish standards which is the most comprehensive in the world!

Allergy Certified Treatment

There has never been an allergic reaction related to the IMBOX in any way, shape or form. The IMBOX treatment process is Allergy Certified.

Environmentally Friendly

The IMBOX treatment is environmentally friendly - any excess mist is filtered and collected through a filter making the IMBOX safe to use. Furthermore, the treatment process is CO2 neutral.

Financial benefits

With the IMBOX our customers experience their market for accessories increase, with no cannibalization of sale of aerosols. Furthermore, the IMBOX has increased the customer return rate in stores with up to 12 %.

The IMBOXAll-inclusive service

What you need

Find a space of 1.7 square feet in your shoe store for the Imbox

What we do

Deliver and install the Imboxes

Provide you with an all-inclusive service

Train you in how to use the Imbox

Deliver all consumer goods to you when needed

Free service of the Imbox

How can you get a risk-free IMBOX trial for your business?