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Imbox Shoecare A/S has just signed a sponsorship deal with the current U17 European Badminton Women Singles Champion, Sophia Grundtvig. Sophia is currently in Canada, where she is competing in the Youth World Cup - 1 out of only 3 Danish girls in the singles category. Before the individual tournament, Sophia is playing for Denmark in the team tournament. So far they have won their pool against the United States, Guyana and Singapore and now have to play Indonesia in the quarter finals



Following the World Championship Sophia's schedule includes a senior tournament i Wales

It goes without saying that Sophia will play all her matches in IMBOX protected footwear, which retains the materials breathability.

We look forward to following Sophia in her future career. You can also keep up to date on the app 'AppForFans', where Sophia writes a blog.







Photo: Mark Phelan, Badminton Europe


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We at IMBOX Shoecare A/S support the campaign “Knæk Cancer” which is a collaboration between the broadcasting company TV2 and the Danish Cancer Society ‘Kræftens Bekæmpelse’.
We have therefore chosen to give a donation to the fight against a disease which affects 1 in 3 Danes every year.

Donations contributes to cancer research, support for cancer patients and their relatives and to various projects related to the fight against cancer.


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“We at IMBOX Shoecare A/S are proud to have received this years “Gazelle” from Børsen. This award recognizes our dedicated team as well as our loyal customers. We will continue to work hard towards growing our customers shoe-care business with the “Gazelle” reminding us that our customers success is also ours.”
René Marker

The Danish financial newspaper, Børsen, annually selects companies for the Gazelle Award on key growth and profitability metrics.
To be selected, a company must have experienced tremendous growth.
In short, the company must have made continuous growth and at least doubled its revenues or gross profits over a four-year period.
In Denmark, “Gazelle” is today a synonym for a high-growth company.


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IMBOX has been listening to its customers and, over the next six months, we will be launching a series of films to provide sales staff in the shops with new training options.

The first two films are now ready and available on our website here: “Increase Sales”.

The two films concern:

1.What is IMBOX and How Does it Work?

2.IMBOX and Aerosols

Film 1 features basic IMBOX information, while Film 2 focuses on the additional sales opportunities that selling IMBOX industrial grade shoe protection to customers provides.
A sale means not only direct increased turnover, but also an opportunity to sell spray products in the 45 seconds, during which the customer has to wait for the protective process to complete. We find that by taking advantage of this time, the sale of shoe care products can increase by as much as 50%.


IMBOX will continue its existing training options: for example, training at district, regional and national meetings in subjects such as basic IMBOX, sale of shoe care or goals and follow-up; or train-the-trainer, where we teach the employees who are responsible for the training in customers’ shops how to train the staff.