March 2017




More than 6,000,000 environmentally friendly shoe protection treatments in 6 years.


The Danish manufacturer, IMBOX Shoecare A/S has developed a highly popular method of environmentally friendly shoe protection. The company provides shoe protection in 163 shops in Denmark. The production is environmentally friendly and is completed in less than 1 minute while the customer waits.


Professional protection in shops

The IMBOX concept was developed in Denmark and is a world patent that is revolutionising the market for shoe protection both in Denmark and abroad. The protection process takes place in a closed box in the shop and is totally harmless for people. The concept has been approved by the Danish Working Environment Authority and tested by the Danish Technological Institute. The treatment costs around DKK 30. When compared to a price of DKK 500 to 1500 for a pair of shoes or boots, it is a minor additional cost for consumers, whose shoes get professional, long-lasting protection.


IMBOX makes it easier

It is predominantly women who consider shoe protection. They protect their own shoes and those of their children, whereas in general men do not protect their shoes. That means there is a huge need for protection, particularly amongst men and mothers, who want professional protection for their children’s shoes. IMBOX protection lasts a long time, making sure children’s feet are kept warm and dry. It is also easy and convenient.


The Danish footwear chain, Skoringen were the ‘first movers’

Skoringen, which aims to be the most visionary footwear chain in Scandinavia, was the first company in the world to offer their customers IMBOX protection.

Steffen Bjerre Rasmussen, CFO of Skoringen, says: “We are very excited about having the shoe protection in our shops. Having IMBOX means we are selling convenience and great service to our customers. Customers are given an alternative to protecting their shoes themselves, and we are witnessing great satisfaction with the provision. In fact, some shops say that customers are bringing both new and old shoes to us to have them protected.”

Shoe-d-vision, Skoringen’s purchasing association, has about 125 purchasing association shops in Denmark and 100 in Norway, the vast majority of which offer their customers IMBOX protection. Some are selling the solution to every other customer.


IMBOX in 19 countries

IMBOX is already sold in 19 countries in Europe. The box is manufactured in Northern Jutland and leased to shops.  

Jan Elgaard, CEO of IMBOX, says: “We are witnessing huge demand for the IMBOX solution, not least in export markets, and the feedback we get expresses great consumer satisfaction. Our portfolio contains chains such as Deichmann in 6 countries, XXL Sport in Norway, Sweden and Finland, Brantano in England and the Benelux countries, and lots more.”


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