Superior Quality Safe to Use

Superior Quality

IMBOX protection is superior quality. The uniquely developed formulation ensures a professional weatherproofing that repels water, salt, oil, grease, dust, redwine, ketchup, barbecue sauce and so much more.

100% Free From Carcinogenics

Liquid used in the IMBOX is 100% FREE from carcinogenic, Nanotechnology and other harmful substances. The IMBOX liquid and the machine are produced in Denmark and approved according to the strict Danish standards which is the most comprehensive standard in the world!

No Allergic Reactions

There has never been an allergic reaction related to the IMBOX in any way, shape or form.

Thoroughly Tested

The IMBOX liquid has been thoroughly tested on its ability to repel all sorts of substances. The results were amazing. The IMBOX liquid achieved the highest rating in efficiency, health and safety. The test was conducted by PFI Pirmasens in Germany - the prefered test institute for the footwear industry.