Q: Is there any indications that IMBOX create returning customers?

A: Yes! Not only do we see a 12% increase in returning customers. The IMBOX has a significant positive effect on the sales of aerosols and other shoe care products because of the increased focus on shoecare.

Q: Will IMBOX affect my sale on aerosoles and similar products?

A: Experience has shown that selling IMBOX protection will increase the overall sale of maintenance spray cans. IMBOX meets crucial customer demands like safe and professional footwear protection in-store. Getting the IMBOX shoe protection makes your customers more motivated for buying additional shoecare products for home use to prolong the effect of the IMBOX protection.

Q: How does Imbox Shoecare handle complaints and warranty?

A: More than 6.000.000 treatments are sold every year – with a customer satisfaction rate of 99.99% In the rare occasion that the customer is not completely satisfied, IMBOX will reimburse you. WE BACK OUR PRODUCT 100%!

Q: Will the customers be interested in IMBOX shoe protection in the summer?

A: The IMBOX has already proven in action that all seasons are IMBOX seasons. All year round shoes needs to be protected against all types of weather and the activities surrounding the seasons. At Imbox ShoeCare A/S we provide both traning, motivation and incentives to make sure that you and your staff gets the most out of your IMBOX all year round - come rain or shine!

Q: Will IMBOX ShoeCare assist in training and motivation of staff?

A: Yes! We are dedicated to provide great service and support to our customers with training, motivation and incentives. We are at your service!

Q: Is there any health and safety issues to be concerned about regarding the IMBOX?

A: Liquid used in the IMBOX is 100% FREE from carcinogenic, Nanotechnology and other harmful substances. All IMBOX Liquid are produced in Denmark and approved according to the strict Danish standards. There has never been an allergic reaction related to the IMBOX in any way, form or shape. IMBOX is the number one safe and environmetally friendly shoe protection solution.